P.W. Gillibrand Co. Inc.

P.W. Gillibrand Co., Inc. is committed to being the Specialty Aggregate Products “Supplier of Choice” in the Southwest.  We will provide quality products, excellent service, leading technology and added value in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  We will provide a safe workplace, respect and protect the environment and act with integrity in dealing with our employees, customers and community.


P.W. Gillibrand Co., Inc. is the legacy of founder Philip Walton Gillibrand. Phil started as a miner’s son and worked his way up to becoming the sole owner of his own company.

His grandfather left England in 1885 to settle in the Lancaster, CA area. After a brief stay the family moved to Tapo Canyon in Simi Valley, CA. Phil was raised in Simi Valley and lived in the community his entire life. He married at age 18 and was holding down two jobs to make ends meet. During the day he paved driveways and delivered gravel to local farmers for use in road construction. In the evenings he worked at what is now the Boeing Rocketdyne facility in Chatsworth, CA. In 1957 he founded the P.W. Gillibrand Co. He left Rocketdyne in 1959 and devoted his full attention to the growth of his young business. Having seen a need for construction aggregate, he acquired land near his home in Tapo Canyon and began mining and processing rock, sand & gravel to supply the growing construction industry. In the late 1970’s the company added high quality industrial sand to its product line. Today, in addition to construction aggregate products, the company is a leading producer of industrial and recreational sand products in the Southwestern U.S. Phil once said; “If you would have told me how big the company would become when I just started out, I would have told you you’re crazy.” He was a very charismatic man and always on a first name basis with his employees. Very much a believer in treating others as you would wish to be treated. He says; “If you consider my business a success, it isn’t just me; it’s all the wonderful people who work for me.” Phil passed away in March of 1999 and the company continues under the leadership of his wife Celine and grandson Brandon Theising.